Workshops and Masterclasses

Using Human-Centered Design for Social and Behaviour Change

Hosted by
Ms. Sanjeeta Agnihotri, Director
Center for Communication and Change India (CCCI)

Ms. Sonali Jana, Senior Program Manager
Center for Communication and Change India (CCCI)

In the work that we do to bring behavior and social change, we strive to solve complex issues faced by the community. Many times, we bring the same traditional implementer ‘expert’ problem-solving approach to all situations. However, each problem is set in a specific context and is driven by a whole lot of behavioral, social, and environmental factors. Here is where Human Centered Design comes in. Human-centered design thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with the people the intervention or solution is designed for – ‘human-centered’ and ends with tailor- made solutions to suit the needs of the target audience. Begun as a concept for product designers, HCD has crossed domains as we realize the value it holds in changing the way we look at problems and design solutions and systems which are more functional and resource-efficient.

Who can benefit from this masterclass – Development professionals, students, government and non-government organizations, donor organizations, businesses doing CSR, or anyone who wants to develop design thinking competencies

Learning Objectives
1. To build a practice community that uses HCD for social and behavior change.
2. To help participants understand the practice of new age design thinking strategy

Key Insights from the session
Here are the insights and key takeaways from the session:
1. Blended teaching-learning approach with in-person session combined with virtual/online references
2. Tips and tricks for the understanding of key concepts within the 50 min/one hour span
3. Trained and experienced faculty use presentations and case studies and real-life examples from around the globe.
4. Create pathways for further collaboration and build a conducive environment

About the Facilitator

1. Sanjeeta Agnihotri works as the Deputy Director at the Center for Communication and Change India, a sister concern of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. She leads and manages social and behavior change projects on a wide range of public health issues such as- early childhood care and development, disaster risk reduction, maternal and child health, reproductive health, and family planning, non-communicable diseases. She has worked with UN agencies and several multilateral/bilateral organizations such as: UNICEF, WHO India office, BMGF, American Cancer Society, Bernard van Leer Foundation, Ashoka University, George Washington University, EngenderHealth, Population Foundation of India, etc.

Her expertise lies in SBC strategy and campaign design and development, capacity-building monitoring and evaluation, and qualitative research processes. She is a certified trainer in Human Centered Design thinking for different kinds of audiences including health care professionals, clients, and the community, and is adept at embedding the approach in SBC programs. Sanjeeta is the Co-facilitator for the annual Leadership in Strategic Communication workshop. She leads the sessions on HCD and Behavioral Economics as well as parts of the P- process during these workshops.
She is the focal point for Springboard India, an online platform for health communication practitioners in India to network, share and learn. In the process of launching and moving Springboard activities in India, she has been involved with academic institutions, government departments, NGOs, and development partners all over the country to build a case for knowledge sharing for health and communication in India.

She holds a Master’s degree in Social work (specialization in Social Welfare) and BA from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. In addition to SBC training, qualitative research, and design thinking she is passionate about traveling and Indian heritage and handloom.

2. Sonali Jana works as the Senior Program Manager for the Center for Communication and Change India. She has more than 20 years of extensive experience in managing technical assistance and implementation programs and partnerships for women, adolescents, youth empowerment, and community development around Health, Education, Protection, Nutrition, Water, and Sanitation domains. She has worked with organizations such as UNICEF, CARE, BBC Media Action, EngenderHealth, Bernard van Leer Foundation, John Snow India, and- Population Health Foundation of India.

Her area of expertise lies in program conceptualization, training design, and implementation of customized, large-scale pieces of training (hybrid) for youth networks such as NSS, community radio station heads and radio jockeys, frontline functionaries (ASHA, AWW, ANM), teachers, Gram Pradhans, faith leaders besides officials from various government departments (Health, Education, Women, and Child Development, Rural Livelihoods Mission) and NGO representatives and development professional. As the Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) consultant for UNICEF Uttar Pradesh office, she led the development of the “Tara Hai Tayyar” and “Tara -Chanda Hai Tayyar” muppet mobisode series with the creative team and it won the m-Billionth award for Innovation@COVID-19 category 2020-21, the only winner in the category and also “Awareness Warriors - Out-Of-The-Box” award in HealthCare Heroes Awards 2020. She is a certified trainer in Human Centered Design and co-facilitates HCD workshops for a variety of audiences.

She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Community Interventions from the University of Allahabad. Her other passions include food, music, and books.