Workshops and Masterclasses

Social Aspect of ESG

Hosted by
Shruti Goyal, Associate Partner, Dalberg
Gagandeep Nanda, Associate Partner, Dalberg


  • Worldwide, companies are gradually embracing and incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards and principles as part of their operations.
  • However, the "S" (Social) aspect of ESG is often overlooked and narrowly defined in the context of India's business landscape.
  • This presents an opportunity to redefine the concept of "S" to encompass a broader spectrum, aligning with impactful goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By doing so, businesses can not only make a significant societal contribution but also gain a competitive advantage.

Objectives and sub-themes:

  • Expanding Social Responsibility:
    • Re-define "S" in ESG as representing inclusivity, equity, and impact into core operations, across suppliers, workers, and customers.
    • Show how embracing this broader view benefits both business reputation and society.
  • Urgency for Positive Change:
    • Explain why businesses must prioritize social inclusivity due to global trends such as climate change, generative AI, and more.
    • Discuss the risks of not doing so and the potential for economic growth through inclusivity and diversity.
  • Practical Steps for Integration:
    • Share ways companies can authentically include social inclusivity in their plans.
    • Highlight the importance of leadership, teamwork, and transparency.


  • We will present case studies and real-world examples showcasing companies that have reimagined their approach to social inclusivity and reaped significant benefits.
  • We will also illustrate how these companies strategically aligned their operations with broader social goals, fostering positive impacts on both their bottom line and society at large.

About the Facilitator:

Shruti Goyal, Associate Partner
Shruti is an Associate Partner with Dalberg based in Mumbai. She works with private and public partners on a spectrum of development areas including women’s economic empowerment, inclusive businesses, and building climate-resilient and inclusive cities.
Shruti has extensive experience working with Private sector companies in India on developing socially inclusive businesses. She led the CSR strategy refresh and implementation for a large FMCG in India designing new programs linked to their business value chain. She is working with Mercy Corps and Walmart Foundation to pilot innovative programs for increasing financial inclusion for women smallholder farmers working with leading agri-tech and fin-tech private sector companies in India. She is leading the Program Management Unit for the first even Skilling Impact Bond in India working with profit making and NGO service providers focused on providing sustainable livelihoods to women. She is designing a new concept to launch an Inclusive Product Manager Fellowship for tech companies and start-ups.
Prior to Dalberg, Shruti has over 18 years of working experience with over a decade of experience with the Lodha Group, the largest real estate developers in India. In her last role she was the Deputy Regional CEO, managing a $200 million annual turnover real estate portfolio. She started her career in consulting working with Sapient and the Boston Consulting Group. Shruti holds a master’s degree in business administration from the London Business School (Dean’s list) and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Delhi College of Engineering where she was awarded the Chief Ministers medal and Best Candidate in Technical Education in the Delhi University in India.

Gagandeep Nanda, Associate Partner
Gagandeep is an Associate Partner at Dalberg’s New Delhi office. He has nearly a decade of consulting experience in development and private sector settings across India, South-East Asia, and Asia-Pacific. His focus areas include strategy, investing for development, blended finance, education, and fostering inclusive and sustainable private sector participation.
His recent work includes design and performance management of one of the largest impact bonds in education globally (Quality Education India DIB), determining the cost-effectiveness of education interventions in India, developing the growth strategy for an inclusive business focused on eye-care services, identifying ways to foster sustainable and inclusive private sector participation in two low-income economies Asia / Asia Pacific. He also helped conduct a strategic review of a large foundation’s program focused on improving education to employment outcomes of 1 million underprivileged women in India and developing a youth employment and entrepreneurship strategy for a low-income country in Southeast Asia.
Prior to joining Dalberg, Gagandeep was a part of the CEO’s office team at HCL technologies, where he worked with the leadership team in designing and implementing strategic initiatives for the organization. Gagandeep was also a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he worked with firms in the Industrial Goods and Automotive industries to develop their international expansion and growth strategies. Gagandeep holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow and a bachelor's in computer science & engineering from Thapar University.