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Leveraging AI for Education

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Wadhwani AI

Since its inception in 2018, the Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Wadhwani AI) has strived to bring AI technology to address social challenges for vulnerable populations in India. We build and deploy AI solutions in partnership with stakeholders such as local governments and civil society organisations to improve large-scale public programs. Through our solutions, AI becomes an enabling technology that bridges the gap between problems and solutions, augments human capabilities and provides advanced decision support. As a result of our continued efforts, today Wadhwani AI has over 20 AI solutions in various stages of development or deployment across healthcare (infectious diseases, health surveillance, maternal and child health, and non-communicable diseases), agriculture (pest management, farmer advisory and crop yield estimation) and education (early childhood development).
Wadhwani AI aims to not only raise visibility of these solutions but also spotlight the scope and importance of leveraging AI-driven tools for the greater good among relevant stakeholders and partners who can spur partnerships and discussions going forward.
To this end, Wadhwani AI will partner with CSRBOX to deliver an in person session at the Annual CSR Summit facilitate a 60-90 minutes session on “Leveraging AI for education” involving representatives from non-profit and corporate organisations (CSR managers and other stakeholders from the landscape).

Key thematic areas
● Brief introduction to core concepts in AI
● Overview of applications of AI in various domains of the development sector.
● Role of diverse stakeholders - private and public sector - in leveraging AI for maximum impact for public good
● Utilizing AI for strengthening education outcomes.
● Interactions/Q&A

12th - 13th October, 2023

This will be a 60-90-min in person session at the Annual CSR Summit.

Tentative Agenda

Timing Session title
10 mins Introduction; Brief overview of Wadhwani AI
20 mins Introduction to AI for social good. Scope for leveraging cost-effective AI solutions in the social sector.
40 mins Using AI to enhance education in India.
10 mins Role of diverse stakeholders (schools, teachers, students, public education departments) in integrating AI solutions within existing systems for widespread impact

Roles and responsibilities

● Coordination, planning and execution of the session.
● Outreach and promotion of the session among relevant audiences.
● Sharing key details regarding the format.
● Pre and post session communication.

Wadhwani AI
● Designing the agenda and facilitating the session
● Clarification of queries regarding content.