Exhibition Plan

Please download the full exhibition plans details here 

Download full exhibition layout here

Display Your Poster/Standee


INR 22,000+ Taxes

Display your CSR Poster/Standee of 6*3 ft at the conference venue (excluding standee charges)

-Comes with one non-residential delegate pass

Distribute Brochure in the Registration Kit

INR 18, 000+ Taxes

Distribute your brochure with the Registration/Welcome Kit

-A4 size, up to 12 pages in the brochure.

-Brochure needs to be sent to Gurgaon address at least 4 days before the event.

- Comes with one non-residential delegate pass

Product Demo Table


INR 25,000+taxes

Small table space (3ft*2ft) with one chair and one power plug

-One delegate pass

Book Your Table*


INR 32,000+ Taxes

Get a table and space with total area of aprox. 42 sq ft ( 7*6 Ft) at the venue

- Comes with two non-residential delegate pass

Stall (2*2m)


INR 42,000+ Taxes

Corner Stall-10% premium

Get a stall space with total area of 4 sq.m. (2*2m) at the venue along with 2 delegate (non-residential) passes

Stall set: Octonorm set up with 2 chairs, 1 table, 2 spot lights, dustbin, carpet and one power plug

Stall (2*3m)


INR 57,000+ Taxes

Corner Stall-10% premium

Get a stall space with total area of 6 sq.m. (2*3m) at the venue along with 2 delegate (non-residential) passes

Stall set: Octonorm set up with 2 chairs, 1 table, 2 spot lights, dust-bin, carpet and one power-plug.

Stall (2*4m)


INR 75,000+ Taxes

Corner Stall-10% premium

Get a stall space with total area of 8 sq.m. (2*4m) at the venue along with 3 delegate (non-residential) passes

Stall set: Octonorm set up with 3 chairs, 2 table, dust-bn, 4 spot lights, carpet and one power plug.

Open space (per sq m)

INR 8500/sq. m.

Maximum area 20sq. m., minimum area 4 sq.m. (with two power plugs)

-2 delegate (non-residential) passes

Display Your Products

Get in touch with us

If you want to display your products/customized promotion and outreach plan, get in touch with us

Video Documentary/Ad (1-2 minutes) 2 times/day

INR 20000+ Service Tax

During session break/before beginning of event/common area

-Comes with 1 delegate pass

Set up Consulting Clinic*

INR 115,000+ Taxes

An exclusive area of aprox. 2*4 Meter (100 sq ft) at the Conference Registration area to set up your customized display/consulting/meeting area. Comes with 3 delegate (non-residential) passes

Premium presentation

Networking Tea/ Lunch Hour Product/Services Demo

INR 45,000+Taxes

Present your video or slideshow on two lunch/tea venues) 2 times/each venue  (Max duration for each presentation 300 seconds)

-Comes with 2 delegates pass

Host a private presentation

INR 85,000+Taxes

Host a private presentation of up to 7 minutes for 10-15 CSR Heads

-NGOBOX will facilitate to invite and host CSR Heads/Managers/CSR Foundation Teams

-Will provide a venue for 20 minutes with projector, sitting set up.

-Comes with 2 delegate (non-residential) passes 

Advertisement in CSR Summit Brochure

Full Page (A4 Size) -INR 27,000+T

Half Page of A4 size-INR 18,000+T

1/4th page of A4 size-INR 12000+T

Save cost of printing your brochures, publish ads in CSR Summit brochure

-Inclusion in both e-version and print copies

-Design will be provided by the client

Premium Advertisement in CSR Summit brochure

Back page of the brochure (A4 size) 

INR 55000+Taxes

-Design will be provided by the client

-Comes with 1 delegate pass

Host a session/Master-class/Workshop*


*Subject to availability, approval and alignment with the overall session-plan

30 Minutes: INR 120,000+Taxes

45 Minutes: INR 160,000+Taxes

60 Minutes: INR 195,000+Taxes

-Host a session on a CSR related topic/theme for up to 60/90/150/250/450 delegates

-NGOBOX will provide venue, projector and AV system

-Comes with 2 delegate passes

-External invitees (max 10% of the permitted capacity) other than conference participants are allowed only after prior permission. They will be issued a temporary pass for the session duration only)

*Capacity and other points needs to be discussed


Branding-Table Flags on Conference Tables

INR 45000+Taxes

-Table flags of 4*6” on round tables in the conference for 2 days (no. of round tables-22-30)

-2 Delegate pass


Conference Notepad

With Logo and 1 page printed promotion

INR 65,000+Taxes

-Aprox 7*5”notepade with 24 pages

-2000+ copies

-Notepads will be printed by NGOBOX

-If notepads are provided by the organization, then INR 30000+Taxes

Advertise in India CSR Outlook Report 2017

A4 Full Page: INR 50,000+Taxes

A4 half page: INR 30,000+Taxes

India CSR Outlook Report is an annual publication of NGOBOX. This is released in India CSR Summit and read by almost all CSR heads, top management of companies and development sector professionals.

-with 1 delegate pass (non-residential)


Shilpi Jain

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