25th Sept. 2018, J. W Marriott, New Delhi | Time : 10.30 am - 1.30 pm


The Context


Employees are the most important asset of a company. Not only are they the gears that generate revenue, but they can act as valuable channels for public relations and marketing, as they are the first representatives of a brand.Research has shown that properly engaging employees has a positive effect on many business objectives (e.g. productivity, customer relations, brand enhancement, and human resources, to name a few), which in turn positively impact profitability and growth. 


Today’s increasingly diverse and socially conscious workforce is looking for more from their employers than a pay-check. Employees are more satisfied and engaged when they have an opportunity to perform impactful work, and engaged employees are simply more effective.By investing in employee engagement, companies not only gain happier workers, but also increase workplace productivity and employee loyalty within their organization.

Employee Engagement (EE) has emerged as a popular organizational concept in recent years. EE is a combination of organizational aspects like individual commitment, organizational citizenship behaviour and employee motivation. In the other words, it is the extent to which people enjoy and believe in what they do and feel valued by doing it. It is the degree of commitment towards the hub in which an employee performs and till how long the employee remains with the organization as a result of their commitment.

CSR and Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is one dimension of CSR that has seen a fast pick-up in the last few years, post the introduction of the Companies Act 2013. Companies have begun to realize that one of the key ways to firmly entrench company values and build employee loyalty is to provide them with experiences that go beyond their regular deliverables and job descriptions. Engaging the employees in the CSR activities performed by the organisation would also help boost the business as well as the employee morale, also provide a change in their regular job responsibility. This also allows companies to use employees’ skills for social good.

Looking at the benefits of engaging employee in CSR, few companies have been publicizing their social and environmental efforts in recruiting materials and making on campus recruitments. But these are efforts made only by a handful of organizations who have understood the potentiality of corporate social responsibility in making them the market leaders.

The Forum

There are very few studies and platforms that study and bring together human resources, employee engagement and CSR in India.There are many cross-functional and cross-sectoral learnings that could be shared and learnt through discussions, guided sessionsand mutual interactions.

The India CSR Summit & Exhibition, positioned as India’s largest CSR forum,is convening a co-event with the Summit, namely, India Employee Engagement Forum to create opportunities for peer-learning, knowledge-sharing and identifying best-practices in this arena.

Structured as a mix of keynote addresses, best-practices sharing, panel-discussion and short workshops, the Forum provides opportunities to interact with domain experts and cross-vertical learnings among large/medium enterprises, exploring synergies for organisational collaborations. 


Date and Venue (as a co-event of India CSR Summit)

25th Sept. 2018 (10.30 am to 1.30pm)

Hotel J W Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi


Forum Objectives

  • Bringing together human resources, CSR professionals, academician and communication professionals on one platform
  • Provide opportunities to interact, share and learn from peers
  • Identify best practices in employee engagement and exploring avenues of how small, medium and large businesses can leverage EE
  • Identify major challenges and barriers in adopting good ideas on EE
  • Exploring potential of mandatory CSR in building responsible and committed employees that add value for the organization and the society
  • Understanding the new age approaches of employee engagement (like virtual volunteering, mentoring for socialgood, skills-based volunteering etc.)



Target group


  • HR leaders and managers
  • CSR Leads and managers
  • Communication professionals
  • Employee engagement professionals
  • Academicians




  • Keynote addresses
  • TED Talk style session
  • Panel Discussion
  • Best-practices presentation



  • Leveraging the 'digital' in employee engagement
  • 'Giving back' as a tool for employee engagement
  • Banking on workplace skills for development impact


How to Participate

Please fill in the form given at the bottom of this page or send an email at bhomik@csrbox.org with your name, designation and  company name. Our team will get back to you with the details within two working days.



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